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updated 11/15/15-

     Club Memberships and Registrations-  Up until January 1st 2016, everything is the same as it has been in the past.  That means that you can send your club dues of $20 per individual or $25 per family to Barbara Dutile.  Her address is at the top of this page.  If you do not join a club, each sled that you register will be an additional $30.  Your club dues, not only have to be paid to Barbara, but she has to get them into the state offices before Dec. 1st in order to avoid missing any copies of the SnoTraveler.

     You can get the state registrations at Swiftwater Stage Stop in Bath or
R and M Automotive on Rt. 116 in North Haverhill. 

     After January 1, 2016 the state is going to an online registration process.  This can be accomplished on your computer, ipad, or smartphone.  This is a new system that the state has imposed.  My guess is that there will be "bugs" that have to be ironed out. 

Work Days- Our first workday will be October 18th at 8AM.  We will meet at Jay Waterhouse's home in Woodsville.  We will work until noon.  On subsequent Sundays we will meet at the groomer shed (the old Morrill Construction site) on Horse Meadow Road at 8AM.  We have 3 bridges to build and lots of brush cutting to do.  Your help will be appreciated.

Club memberships and registrations-  This year you can buy your registration online or at the two locations listed below.  We will be saying more about the online registrations when we have the details on how it is going to work.  Your club memberships can also be bought at the same two locations.  It is important to get the NHSA membership dues in to Barb Dutile so that she can get them to NHSA before Dec. 1st.  Otherwise, you will miss some of your issues of the Sno Traveler.

You can now get your club memberships and registrations at R & M Automotive on Rt. 116 in North Haverhill and at Swiftwater Stage Stop in Swiftwater, (Bath).  There are also membership applications on our bulletin board across from Aldrich's store in North Haverhill.

Please become and active member of our club.  We are in need of people to attend meetings, give us their ideas, and help with work projects.  Remember meetings are the first Tuesday of the month in the Morrill Building in North Haverhill at 7 PM.

3/2/15- If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, please call Kelley at

Club merchandise for sale

Hooded sweatshirts $28
Sweatshirts $22
Long sleeved t's $15
Short sleeved t's $12

2/24/15-  We would like to thank everyone who helped out at our Poker Run.  This event was a success because of your help.  Thank you.

Club event - The Poker Run


Facebook Page

Thanks to club member Kelley Wile, we now have a Facebook page!!!


 If you have not submitted your email address to us, please get it to us at

swillo@myfairpoint.net.  The purpose is to enable us to inform you of upcoming events and

pending legislation.

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