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                                                    Connnecticut Valley Snowmobile Club
39 Slate Ridge Drive
   Haverhill,  New Hampshire 03765   

4/19/14-  A work day- On Sunday, April 27th, the club needs volunteers to help pull sign posts from our trail system.  We will meet at 8 o'clock am across from Aldrich's Store.  Hope to see you there.

/14-Trail Report-  All trails in our system are closed for the season.


If you think that you would like to volunteer to groom the trails next year, please contact Jay Waterhouse. (603) 747-3744  kjwater@charter.net  We are in need of more people to groom.  Without volunteers our trails are not going to be very good to ride on.

4/1/14- We hope that you enjoyed riding on our trails this year.  Even though we need more people to groom, I think we can all agree that the few that did groom did a truly fantastic job.  Our thanks go out to them.  Great job, guys!!!  This year we maxed our grooming funds.

4/1/14- If you have enjoyed riding our trails this year, we ask that you please become and active member of our club.  We are in need of people to attend meetings, give us their ideas, and help with work projects.  We are in desperate need of people to groom. Please give serious consideration to this plea for help.  

Facebook Page

Thanks to club member Kelley Wile, we now have a Facebook page!!!


 If you have not submitted your email address to us, please get it to us at

swillo@myfairpoint.net.  The purpose is to enable us to inform you of upcoming events and

pending legislation.

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The photos below were taken by Kelley and Chris Wile- new members of the CT. Valley Snowmobile Club.  All were taken on trails in North Haverhill this past week.

Ron Willoughby and granddaughter, Abby from California, ride between North Haverhill and Lisbon last week.

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