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The following information from NHSA was sent to all the clubs.  Read through it.  There is information about the Annual Meeting, the SnoFest, etc.
If you are interested in being a delegate to the Annual Meeting contact 
Jay Waterhouse.  603-991-3012.


Club Delegates for Annual Meeting
Club members must be entered into the portal by March 1 to be considered in the delegate count for annual meeting.
Voting at all annual and special meetings of the NHSA shall be done by the following guidelines:
Delegates from the member clubs of the NHSA allowed to vote must have been a club member registered in the NHSA database on or before March 1st of that year.
Each member club is allowed two (2) delegates who must be eighteen (18) years and older as of March 1st of this year. If a member club exceeds 400 club members, said club is allowed one (1) additional delegate for each additional 400 members, with a maximum cap of ten (10) delegates per club.
For example:
2 - 400 members = 2 delegates
401 -800 members = 3 delegates
801 -1200 members = 4 delegates
Portal Invoice Tips
When reviewing your club invoice in the portal, black text represents that the NHSA office sent your club a check, red means you need to send the NHSA office a check. 
Scholarships Deadline: March 1
The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association will award up to three book scholarships ($1,000, $500 and $250) to graduating high school seniors who have been accepted at a college, junior college, or vocational school. It is also available to college students who are already enrolled. Scholarship Deadline: March 1. APPLY
Ray Burton Trail Project Award
In tribute to Ray Burton and his contributions to snowmobiling, the NHSA has created a $1,000 award for a snowmobile trail project. Deadline: April 1 APPLY NOW
Annual Awards
Every club has at least one person who makes it all happen. Some are blessed with 2 or 3. Their tireless efforts are typically unrecognized by the general snowmobile populace… but you know. Honor those individuals by nominating them for an annual award. Submit by April 1.
Annual Meeting
May 18, 3pm at the Mountain View Grand Resort, Whitefield.

Celebrating 50 Years: NHSA Anniversary Gala
The Gala will follow the annual meeting at 4:30. Celebrating the clubs and volunteers that have made snowmobiling in New Hampshire great for 50 years. 
Tickets for the Gala Dinner Celebration are $35 per person and must be purchased in advance, they will not be sold at the door. We expect them to be available in early March and will notify the clubs.
The Mountain View Grand Resort is offering a special NHSA group rate for Saturday night. Contact the hotel at 866-801-3653. 
The all new Go North SnoFest takes place March 1-2, 9 AM - 3 PM. Those interested in additional info should visit the website. They are also hosting a new Antique/Vintage Snowmobile Show and welcome entries to register now.
Club Website Name
If your club is looking for a new website name (domain name) you might consider choosing one of the trending names ending in dot-club (.club). Often it’s difficult to get the domain name you want as it’s already taken. Instead of having a traditional .com, such as snowriders.com, consider snowriders.club. Give the office a call if you need a hand. Get them while you can. 
Ride-In Report
We hope to have a Ride-In report published online next week. Sorry for the delay but the wait will be worth it. Thanks to everyone who donated, collected, volunteered, and made it so special.
HB 699 To End Club Discount?
On Tuesday, the House Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee voted 16-1 to kill (also known as Inexpedient to Legislate or “ITL”) HB 699.  The lone vote against ITL was the sponsor. The next step in the process is for the entire House of Representatives to vote on the committee recommendation. The House floor vote should take place later this month. At this point, there does not appear to be an effort to overturn the very strong vote of the committee. We will let you know if that changes. Once the committee report is available, I will forward it to the clubs. For those that contacted committee members or attended the public hearing, thank you for your work. The committee vote seems to indicate that your efforts to explain the value of the current program and arguments against the proposed changes were persuasive. 

If you have any questions contact Dan and Steph at the NHSA office.


Trail Conditions - 2/18/19
RT. 5S was groomed as far as the gravel pit in Pike Saturday night.  Rt.5N was groomed last night m(Sunday) as far  as the Bath covered bridge.  Then RT.108 to Monroe was also groomed last night.  Watch out for icy spots under the snow, and stay to the right at all times.  I nearly got taken out a couple of times over the weekend by people riding in the middle on hills and corners.  All of MA is up here this week as it is school vacation for many.
     IF we get a lot of rain  please DO NOT ride.  Soft, slushy trails get ruined when you do, and then the ruts that you create turn to ice ruts when the cold weather returns.  This creates dangerous conditions that are hard to groom out.

      Furthermore, we are receiving landowner complaints of people riding off trail.  If this doesn't stop, they will shut us down.  This is especially true on Briar Hill and by the Job Lot store in Woodsville.  A new regulation this year will be enforced.  If you ride off of the groomed trails on private land, you will be arrested!.  The wardens have been instructed to enforce this, and they are out.   If you see anyone off trail, please tell them that they are jeopardizing our trail system, or get their registration number.  This has to stop!

Memberships- Please buy a club membership from our club.  We are a very small group.  We owe $29,000 on our groomer, with scant hope of ever paying it off.  We need members and money.  If we fold, there will be no trail riding in Haverhill and no grooming. 

     You can join our club at R & M Automotive in North Haverhill, or by filling out a paper application which you can download at this website or in person at R&M.  If you go there, they will still do it on line.  Memberships will cost $35.  This fee is the same for an individual or family membership.

NHSA Club Registration Discount

Join a club where you ride and get a $30 discount on your NH snowmobile registration. Not only will you save money but you will directly support the clubs that groom and maintain the trail system.
Important:  To qualify for a club membership discount of $30 per sled, an NHSA Voucher must be presented to the Registration Agent.

Get The Discount

1) You need to join a club before registering your sled

Two options:

·         Go to the NHSA Club Membership page to join a club online and instantly get your voucher.

·         Contact a club and request a membership, get a voucher.

2) Get Your Voucher

·         Once a member, log into the NHSA Club Membership website. 

Go to “Save/Print Voucher” on the left side of the page.

·         If you contacted a club directly, ask them for a voucher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a voucher at a store or dealership?
While some stores might have a computer available to join a club and get the voucher,
the majority will not.

Can I use my phone or mobile device?

Yes. You can join a club with a mobile device and use it to display your voucher immediately.

Can I join a club at a store? That’s how I used to do it.
If the store offers paper membership forms, you can join but won’t be able to access
the voucher immediately, as it needs to be processed by the club later on.

Please become an active member of our club.  We are in need of people to attend meetings, give us their ideas, and help with work projects. 
Remember, meetings are the first Tuesday of the month in the Morrill Building in
North Haverhill at 7 PM.

Please patronize these businesses because they support our club:

R&M Automotive                            Mountain Milk
Woodsville Guaranty Bank       Blackmount Equipment
TV Guy                                      Village Pizza
Hood's Plumbing and Heating
Aldrich's General Store             Walt's Auto and Marine

Corey's Car Wash                     Valley Floors       

The Bridge Weekly                    Tempting Hair Designs

Woodsville Power Equipment

Gateway Sports                         Erik's Auto Body

Nootka Lodge                            Easy Steel


     If you have not submitted your email address, please get it to us at swillo428@gmail.com.  The purpose is to enable us to inform you of upcoming events and pending legislation.


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